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If you'd like to get in touch with your local chlamydia screening office, please type your postcode into the box below.

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If you have received a text message (email / letter, etc) saying that you have chlamydia and need to get chlamydia treatment, simply visit the 'Where to get Treated' page to find your nearest clinic. You will then be taken to a list of the places where you can access free chlamydia treatment.

How good a gamer are you?

Many gaming ninjas have tried but none has beaten the 1200 score. In the game the city is being overrun with rabbits infected with Chlamydia and they're spreading it fast. It's easy-to-treat with one course of antibiotics – time to dish out the cure!

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  • Very helpful site, very useful for getting tested when you don't always have time during the day due to college

    ~ Newham Visitor
  • It's very good,thanks NHS

    ~ Newham Visitor
  • NHS are doing some great job with these free STI tests and I think that there should be more of them, such as AIDS. However, thanks a lot for the free opportunity to test my self for Chlamydia.

    ~ Croydon Visitor