Chlamydia Info

This section gives you all you need to know about chlamydia and gonorrhoea: the signs and symptoms, how to avoid it, what to do if you think you have it.

Chlamydia Symptoms

A lot of people don't show any signs of having chlamydia but symptoms can include one or more of the following:

In Women
In Men

In Women

  • An unusual vaginal discharge
  • Needing to pee more often or pain on peeing
  • Pain or bleeding during or after sex
  • Pain or cramps in the lower abdomen (stomach)
  • Irregular bleeding between periods or after sex

In Men

  • An unusual discharge from the end of the penis
  • Pain and/or burning sensation when peeing
  • Irritation at the end of the penis
  • Painful swelling of the balls (testicles)

What if I or my partner have Chlamydia symptoms?

If you have symptoms and are worried that it may be a sexually transmitted infection, you should seek help from a Sexual Health Clinic or your GP.

Find the nearest place for an STI Test (STD Test).

Where can I get Treated?

Want to know where you can tested or treated? Find the clinic or pharmacy nearest your postcode.

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